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I would like to make an animated series, however I'm broke so it will mostly not have any voice acting but luckily I have an audio guy to help me bring my animations to life ! I'm open to criticism. Do not hold back your words.


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Posted by Twoeliz - September 1st, 2020

I have been working on the first episode for a series that I been wanting to make for a while. At first I didn't know what to name it but after a while I decided to stick with "Twoex Overcoming Reality". There won't be any voice acting as I can't really afford it, however I do have someone that is providing it with music and other sound designs. Sadly the editor doesn't work very well and we need to constantly find a work around the issues. Due to this the animation may take longer than expected to be fully completed. I have been animating this episode for 5 months and it's length is 11 minutes 40 seconds but that may change after post production. I originally wanted the episode to be 20 minutes but it will make everyone's lives easier if it is shorter; technically this episode was cut in half. Perhaps when we can afford a better editor the Episodes can be longer.

What is the episode about? What is this series about? You may be wondering. Well this episode mostly exposition about the world my characters live in. For example (A.Details about the sky B.fears about other cultures). The title I have given the episode is Senseless Violence , so there is going to be some violent scenes where there is death. When it comes to the series as a whole , it is going to be ever changing. This is because the focus will shift from one character to an other over time, meaning that the perspective and overall tone of a episode could be drastically different then before. The series is starting with war, terrorist attacks and orphans. We will see from there. It could go from worse to better or It may keep getting worse and worse? It can't be possible for things to never improve; can it?

You could support me on patreon if you would like to help me make more animations. It would be pretty neat to have a list of supporters in the credits but you don't need to support me on patreon to be credited as a supporter. You could make a donation once on PayPal or CashApp and I think that just this once, if you want to get something from your donation you could commission some art from me and request to be credited as a supporter. You can choose to remain anonymous if you want, just send me a DM letting me know what you prefer. Simple drawings are going to cost anywhere between 3 - 25 dollars.

Thank you so much for taking some time from your day to read this! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Here is my Patreon for those who may be interested in checking it out.




Posted by Twoeliz - August 10th, 2020

In the beginning I wanted the first episode of my series to be around 20 minutes but there are a few complications. Since my main editor is gone, the sound design will not have the same great quality that it had before. There is someone else who is trying to help with sound design but it has been difficult. The video editor is constantly crashing and is difficult to work with. We are both working with programs that aren't very great, after all my own animation program is constantly crashing but I still want to make this happen. I just thought that it would be easier for me and my editor if the first episode was around 10 minutes instead of 20. Either way it might be better that way. I have a feeling that people are more likely to watch something that is 10 minutes instead of 20, plus a lot of the series I have encountered here have been around 5 minutes per episode so perhaps 20 minutes would be over doing it.

At the moment, the animation is around 9 minutes so is possible that it may come out pretty soon! Hopefully no more than 2 or 3 months.