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You want Mike to shake dat dick? I think you got the wrong Mike. Yo, you should be looking for a bigger Mike.

HarveySeasalt responds:

A magic Mike perhaps

I hope that you get noticed here. Your stuff is quite good!

Is there going to be a next day at all? Lol

mollywright responds:

This is the first time I've ever posted here and I wasn't really expecting to get any comments.. but yeah there are 7 days total and I'm wrapping up day 2 today. thanks for watching!!!

Washington? Is that you?

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I don't know how I got here. I click a thing and now I'm playing a game. The good thing is that it is a great game with a mechanic that I love. Sure I was pretty confused at the beginning but I figure it out rather quickly.

Stopsignal responds:

Awh man, thank you so much!! I'm really surprised with the reaction the game got here, makes me really happy :)

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Honestly this one is my favorite of your songs so far! What's weird is that it sounds so happy and energetic but there are these sounds that make it sound Halloween-like . Is as if the atmosphere is full of colors and rainbows but then turn into pumkings and witches once in a while.

SkullPioneer responds:

Glad you liked the track!
Thanks for the feedback!

My stomach when I get no food

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She is so proud of herself. Making a grown man cry.

That's a pretty cool site. I had no idea such a thing existed!! Btw the hair style on the character looks quite lovely ♡

maidenroosterbee responds:

Thanks for the feedback :)

Oh, the website is fantastic and has multiple features that I want to try out. Particularly, the collage maker as I need that for writing reasons.

But that is all hush-hush at the moment, lol.

Good job on that expression and texture on the hair. There is not a lot I can say about this picture but the shading is quite decent.

BlueBoltXRD responds:

Ey man thanks anyways. I really appreciate it. Also thanks for the scout I really appreciate it!!!!

I would like to make an animated series, however I'm broke so it will mostly not have any voice acting but luckily I have an audio guy to help me bring my animations to life ! I'm open to criticism. Do not hold back your words.


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